new!! beini 1.2.3

 this software we get when we buy a usb wireless (Sinmax, SignalKing, Comfast, Wifly City and her contemporaries)

1) At first look at the wireless network adapter (for laptops) @ brand / external usb wireless chipsets do not support beini korang.

Official sources from the web Beini
2) Download Beini. There are 3 versions, 1) Beini v1.2.1 / 2) Beini v1.2.2 / 3) Beini v1.2.3-New, select one only. For me a stable version v1.2.1 Beini.
3) after finish download Beini (make sure the iso format, if rar format - korang hit first extract) must find step where appropriate to run Beini at your PC / Laptop
Burn the iso as image at cd (use nero, Ashampoo, UltraISO lain2 n) to boot using the cd@Save the last iso file using VMware Player to run later@Create USB boot (use UNetbootin 377) to boot using the usb
If there dont know boot usb. refer here ->

USB boot tutorial video
Video from webpages Beini (Chinese language) (Chinese language)

USB boot Beini video tutorials Malay version

UNetbootin 377 (as in video)

4) after burn beini at CD @ create a USB boot @ saved iso file for the VMware Player, u all can run beini in using three ways -
a) run the boot CD then click restart (kind of how we boot cd operating system to format the pc / laptop). Make sure the setting for the 1st boot bios set @ DVDROM CDROM.
b) USB Boot. Make sure the setting for the 1st boot bios set at @ removeable USB Device. Difficult to understand? ? Refer here
c) Run iso file using VMware player. Which kind?follow this step....
run beini using VMware Workstation / Player Tutorial

VMware Player 3.1.4

Tutorial step overcome cannot connect the usb in VMware player

5) step h * ck wifi (WEP), there are 2 ways ->
a) Using Minidwep-gtk, only 3 step namely click scan, click the line that u want to h * ck, click launch n wait until the password out. Step in picture here ->

Crack WEP / WPA using Minidwep-gtk in Beini [PDF]: [* credit to]

b) Using Feeding Bottle. so many step. Refer this e-book @ examples that I pointed out below.

E-Book Tutorial


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